sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

UGNazi Hackers Attack Ed.Gov After Being Released

Hackers part of the UGNazi collective have gone silent for a while, but now they acquired another target on which they’ve launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack.

The break seems to have been caused by the fact that a number of the group’s members have been arrested.

“We were questioned for 48 hours about UGNazi and other ‘cyber crimes’ performed by us, but with almost no proof to backup there claims that we have done what they claim, we were released with no charges as of now, but we are still under investigation,” ThaCosmo told Softpedia.

However, soon after their release, they picked up from where they left off and took down the website of the US Department of Education (ed.gov).

“We will continue what we believe is right no matter what law enforcement does to us, the UG boat will not sink,” the hacker explained.

We asked him if there was any particular reason for targeting the site of the Department of Education.

“Ed.gov is the Department of Education, which is suppose to teach the children of America right from wrong, as well as teach them how the world works and so on. Now days the education America has dropped so low that it’s better to stay home and read a book than go to school,” he added.

“Schools are closing down due to budget cuts but then again Obama is still getting paid and people with power are getting millions in there pockets.”

According to the hacker, the site was offline for almost 6 hours, the attack being scheduled to continue in the morning.

Also, we’ve learned that one of the two Norwegian hackers arrested a few days ago in connection to the SOCA attack is actually a member of the team. The other one is a member of a group called Dotnet[expletive]-ers, accused of the attacks on the Norwergian sites.

“Well, one of the members of UGNazi is one of the 2 Norwegian hackers, but the group ‘Dotnet[expletive]-ers’ were just bunch of Anon kids who wanted to use our botnet for there attacks,” ThaCosmo said.

“Dotnet[expletive]-ers have nothing to do with this except one of the members was our coder and there members blamed it all on us [the attacks on the sites from Norway] from what we have heard so far. They were from Anonymous. Anonymous is afraid to take there own blame. Not surprising.”


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