joi, 10 mai 2012

Anonymous Urges Russians to Attack Government and Prime Minister Sites

As expected, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister for the past four years, has reclaimed his position as the country’s president after the elections that took place on May 4. However, Anonymous Russia don’t seem to welcome his re-election and as a result they have launched an operation that targets the sites of the government and the Prime Minister.

“We urge you to support our action. Let the servants of the people see the love of the people who elected them to the ‘most transparent and fair election in Russian history’,” reads a rough translation of the message posted by the hackers.

May 6 and May 7 have been appointed as being the dates at which the sites of the government ( and the one of the PM ( become the targets of a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack.

“REMEMBER! These people are stealing our money, put in prison innocent people, they use the police as the lackeys, and their offenses are accepted by him. These people are completely discrediting concepts such as ‘Democracy’, ‘right’ and ‘Freedom’,” they explained.

The hacktivists have provided a video, along with detailed instructions for supporters who want to join the protests. Participants are urged to download LOIC, HOIC, or Slow Post and set the aforementioned domains as the targets.

The online activists are confident that their actions would cause significant damage to the “rotten corrupt system.”

On the other hand, it’s known that president Putin also has a significant number of hackers on his side. On previous occasions, his supporters not only took down a number of websites that presented an objective view of the elections, but they also blocked Twitter hashtags that were related to live anti-Putin protests.

At press time, both targeted sites seemed to be functioning properly.

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