miercuri, 2 mai 2012

“The Unknowns” Hack NASA, US Air Force, ESA, and Others

A hacker collective called “The Unknowns” has published a Pastebin document that allegedly proves they managed to gain unauthorized access to a number of high profile websites.

The list of targets includes the Bahrain Ministry of Defense, Thai Royal Navy, a subdomain owned by car manufacturer Renault, Harvard University, French Ministry of Defense, Jordanian Yellow Pages, European Space Agency (ESA), US Military’s Joint Pathology Center, NASA’s Glenn Research Center and the US Air Force.

The Pastebin post was made public on May 1, but some of the hacks seem to date as far back as March 2012.

“Victims, we have released some of your documents and data, we probably harmed you a bit but that's not really our goal because if it was then all of your websites would be completely defaced but we know that within a week or two, the vulnerabilties we found will be patched and that's what we're actually looking for,” the hackers wrote.

“We're ready to give you full info on how we penetrated threw your databases and we're ready to do this any time so just contact us, we will be looking forward for this.”

To prove their findings, the hackers have made public a number of screenshots, along with large amounts of information obtained from the breached sites. The data dumps include usernames, passwords (some of which in clear-text), and other info taken from the various sites.

“And for all the other websites out there: We're coming, please, get ready, protect your website and stop us from hacking it, whoever you are. Contact us before we take action and we will help you, and will not release anything... It's your choice now,” they concluded.


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