miercuri, 2 mai 2012

Assuria Launches CyberSense ES, No Advanced Skills Required

Security firm Assuria has made available its CyberSense Enterprise Scanner (ES), a solution designed to help even inexperienced IT staffers identify vulnerabilities and compliance failures.

One of the best things about the new CyberSense scanner is that it’s easy to deploy, the scanning process being performed seamlessly.

It can be adapted to small and large businesses and it doesn’t necessarily require a skilled IT security staff because the results of the scans are explained in plain language.

The new product will not interfere in any way with the Assuria Auditor agents. This means that customers who already utilize the companies previous solutions can continue to rely on them, but at the same time benefit from the reporting, operational and workflow features offered by CyberSense SE.

There are a lot of similar products on the market, but Assuria representatives are confident that the new software can really make a difference.

“Our new CyberSense Enterprise Scanner solution builds on our teams near 20 year pedigree in developing and marketing IT security assessment, compliance and monitoring solutions,” said Terry Pudwell, chairman and joint founder of Assuria.

“We have encapsulated all that vast experience into this new technology and, given how easy it is to deploy and use, we’re particularly excited about the potential for mid-sized companies and also larger companies, which just don’t have the IT security or systems management skills and resources normally needed to take advantage of such technology. We believe that CyberSense ES will make a real difference.”

The ES is only one small part of the CyberSense brand. The company wants to develop other innovative products as part of this suit that will revolutionize the IT security industry.

After seeing Symantec’s report yesterday, especially the part about the 5.5 billion attacks that targeted systems worldwide, it’s clear that such solutions are a necessity. As far as their efficiency is concerned, we’ll just have to wait and find out.


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