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Security App of the Week: M Portable Anti-Copy

Software programmer Mohsen Ektefa introduces “M Portable Anti-Copy,” an application that can be used to protect content stored on portable storage devices such as USB memory sticks, or portable hard drives. The software represents a great way for copyright holders to protect their assets.

“This is the first and the only software in the world that can protect your files from copy, cut, upload and attach on a portable storage device,” the developer told us.

“So if you are a file owner, you can protect your files using M Portable Anti-Copy and save them directly into your portable storage, and sell it to your customers. Then, only your customers can run the files on the portable storage and if any user copies the files from the portable disks to her/his storage and run them, they will delete automatically.”

For instance, if someone wants to commercialize e-books on USB memory sticks, he/she can make sure that only the individual that possesses the drive can read it.

M Portable Anti-Copy
is not difficult to operate. The customer simply adds his/her files, after which the Protect button must be pressed. Then, a window pops up, prompting the user to enter the location of the protected file.

The result is an executable (.exe) file, the extension always being the same, regardless of the source file’s type.

From this point on, if someone tries to run the file from a different location than the storage device appointed by the user, it will automatically remove itself.

The current version only works with files that are smaller than 100 megabytes, but the developer promises a new version that will accept larger files as well.

For home users M Portable Anti-Copy costs 34.95$ (26 EUR) or $89.99 (68 EUR), depending if the customer wants only “minor upgrades” or “lifetime upgrades.” Firms can also benefit from the application, the price for a company license being $85.95 (64 EUR), or $149.99 (113 EUR).

This article introduces "Security app of the week," a series in which we take a look at some of the great pieces of software that can help both consumers and companies protect themselves and their assets.

The trial version of M Portable Anti-Copy is available for download here
The full versions of M Portable Anti-Copy are available for download here

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