vineri, 25 mai 2012

Hackers Reveal the Price of iOS Jailbreaks at HITB 2012 Amsterdam

There have been a lot of interesting developments here at Hack in the Box in Amsterdam, and one of them is the first ever union of the jailbreak Dream Team. Today, Softpedia has had the chance to interview the members of the Chronic Dev Team and learn some things that many were probably curious about.

One of the topics we discussed referred to the financial value of jailbreaks. So how much is their work and the information they possess worth?

“This is hard to answer. I think it depends on who you sell your exploits to, if it’s for the underground or the legal scene,” Pod2g said.

“This is a difficult question to answer, but it's a lot. Every jailbreak exploit represents like, maybe, $100,000. This is the price of all root exploits.”

We then asked him to comment on a recent statement in which he said he wouldn’t sell the beta version even for $1 million (760,000 EUR).

“I wrote that, but it's not all about the money. We're doing this for the fame of course. We're doing it for the people, because we want people to be able to have their devices jailbroken,” he explained.

“This is what we're doing. This is what we like, so this is not about money. That's why even if we could get anything from these jailbreaks, if the only thing we could get is to make people happy, that is enough for us.”

It’s interesting to see a price estimate for the jailbreaks, but as the hackers highlighted, it’s not all about the money. There probably isn’t a researcher in the world who would refuse money if someone wanted to reward him, but these guys really gave us the impression, during our talk, that they’re really in it for the challenge and the users, not for their personal gain.

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