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GFI Software Releases MailEssentials 2012 UnifiedProtection

In the era of the Internet, spam messages represent a major concern for most companies and their IT security staff. To come to the aid of small and medium businesses, GFI Software has released GFI MailEssentials 2012 UnifiedProtection, a solution that combines antivirus and anti-spam technologies.

GFI’s new product comes after recent studies have revealed that 70% of all the emails are spam. Even more worryingly, some of those shady messages carried pieces of malware which ultimately led to data breaches.

The advanced capabilities of MailEssentials 2012 are not ensured only by the GFI VIPRE engine, but also by Bitdefender solutions and, optionally, ones from Kaspersky Lab, Norman and McAfee.

With all the services integrated into one “unified product” that can be controlled from a single web-based dashboard, IT staffers can easily deploy the solution and start relying on its features to ensure that their networks are protected against unsolicited email.

Customers of earlier variants of GFI MailEssentials and MailSecurity can easily upgrade their applications to the latest version to benefit from all the latest features.

These features include advanced content filtering, attachment and keyword filtering that’s flexible and granular, reporting functions, Trojan and email exploit detection, and HTML sanitation.

“It is clear that email-borne threats are as dangerous as ever, and although spam is not a new problem, it is one that SMBs still need to adequately address,” revealed Phil Bousfield, general manager of the Infrastructure business unit at GFI Software.

“Spammers and malware writers are well aware that even the most savvy end-user can be fooled into clicking a link in an email and infecting their computer or entire company network. GFI MailEssentials 2012 UnifiedProtection gives administrators more peace of mind, knowing that far fewer spam and virus-carrying emails will make it to end user mailboxes.”

Depending on the number of accounts your company wants to secure, GFI MailEssentials 2012 UnifiedProtection is priced between 22.5 EUR ($29), for 10-24 mailboxes, and only 10.5 EUR ($13.7) for up to 499 mailboxes.


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