sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

“Diablo 3 Free Download” Scams Fill the Pockets of Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are online fraudsters are well aware of the fact that many users will want to download Diablo III, the latest version of the famous RPG game. That is why they are trying to lure unsuspecting gamers to their malicious sites with “Diablo 3 free download” offers.

In fact, as Trend Micro security experts warn, many of the Google results that appear after searching for “diablo 3 free download” actually point to shady sites.

Users who fall for these traps and click on the result links are taken to sites that displays a big “Download Now” button. Once pressed, another website appears, requesting the user to complete an “offer” to gain access to the highly desired content.

These offers, better known as the classic affiliate survey scams, include topics such as “Discover your fortune”, “iWinners”, or something for the Spanish speakers which reads, “Recibe la major musica, videos e imagines directamente a tu movil.”

Each time someone completes one of these surveys, the crooks earn a certain amount of money from shady online marketing companies.

In another scenario, the potential victim is taken to website that’s promoted as a YouTube page. Here, he/she is presented with instructions that must be followed in order to download the beta version of Diablo III for free.

As in many similar cases, Facebook is involved. The scheme must be shared, Liked, and posted on three different pages of the social media website.

Only after these steps are completed the fun begins. Users are asked to answer a number of questions as part of a survey to unlock the content.

Of course, Diablo III is not the first game that’s used in malicious schemes, Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft being just a few of the many examples.

Gamers are advised to purchase the game only from trusted sources. Also it’s recommended that they stay away from “Diablo 3 free download” links.


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