miercuri, 4 octombrie 2017

Malware spread on Google Maps,Github & Amazon

Everything started from a google search for infected files. The most commun are crack, keygen etc. I’ve found a ‘hide ip keygen’ and the link locations was very unusual…. Google Maps.

The google maps mark send’s me to some .ru link for download.
Analysing the .exe i found that the applications have’s conections with amazonas.com requesting for downloaad other applications.




Let’s see the last one.

I will play with screen.exe
Sens request’s to win3.online & win3.ru

  • /cfgUser?uid= -user tony-lyamin@yandex.com -xmr
  • /filesUrl avdeeff1985/master
  • /registerUser?uid=
  • /getStatus?uid=
  • /checkConnection aAvh5S

Also: hxxps://github.com/ytisf/theZoo/zipball/master

…and some others link connections:

  • github.com/angryziber/ipscan/releases/download/3.5.1/ipscan-3.5.1-setup.exe
  • github.com/uxmal/reko
  • github.com/gogo2017/space/commit/054c7ef793b902202b7a28f6505997b0c8dd19ab
  • raw.githubusercontent.com/LoukaV3rm/Sumonexs/master/RC7%20Update%20with%20memcheck.exe
  • raw.githubusercontent.com/wso-shell/WSO/master/WSO.php
  • raw.githubusercontent.com/LoukaV3rm/Sumonexs/master/Elevation%207%20Auto%20Inject.exe
So… i think there it is alot of actions for one single keygen!?!
Also, if you have time… on win3.online may find some vulnerability’s!
You also may create a hacker profile, starting from all these informations:

Tony… Anthony/ Lyamin/1985 …..
Search: Google,Facebook etc.

Have fun and stay safe!!!

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