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How to become a slave miner for bitcoins!

This is another video about a hacking tool.The story is simple. If you  want to become rich… just open this tool and everything will be just fine for you.

But the truth it is in backgound.
If you will open the program, something will be instaled in your pc and it will be used to work for someone else.
If you know how bitcoin minering it’s working… you will understand.
So we have a link for downloading the hacking program. There we found a .rar archive with one file after extract.

Until now everything seems ok!
Let’s see the application!
Wait! There it’s something else hidded.
The application it’s a SFX RAR Archive with 14 files on it? OK!!!
Let’s see the comment….

  • Path=%homedrive%\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers\UMDF
  • Setup=keys.exe
  • Setup=svchost.exe
  • Setup=snmptrap.exe
  • Silent=1
  • Overwrite=2
In this case i will not double click on it!
Then i will extract it like a .rar archive.

Do you remember the 14 files?
All of them are hidden!
You will find on Google how to unhidde all the files on your pc!

Playing with the applications, i found something interesting.
Something about minergate, login, pool, gpu intensity…. hmmm.
This it’s look like bitcoin minering!!!

Ooooo… I see now!!!

When the applications work it’s done… your pc will become a slave for some guy!!
A slave ready to work when the master sends his command.
*And the guy is spanish… see the .rar comment ”;O comentário abaixo contém comando de sequencia SFX” !  lol

 Stay safe!!!

Alex Anghelus

Source: Cyber security news & tools

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