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Credit agency Experian is using scare tactics to sell a service for tracking traded user data on the dark web

In the dark web, it is quite easy to find a lot of identities of unaware individuals and any other data that could expose companies to frauds.
One of the world’s biggest consumer credit reporting agencies, Experian, is trying to sell an identity theft protection product leveraging the consumers fear of the darknet.
Experian launched at the beginning of September the IdentityWorks Premium program saying it can protect customers from the exposure of personal information on the dark Web. “Is your personal information already being traded on the dark web,” states the of Experian’s advertisements.
“Because of its hidden nature and the use of special applications to maintain anonymity, it’s not surprising that the dark Web can be a haven for all kinds of illicit activity,” Experian says on its own website. “This means if you’ve ever been a victim of a data breach, it’s a place where your sensitive information might live.” states the scaring message from the company.
The company is offering for free a first “Dark Web Email Scan” to allow customers searching for their email on the darknets.
By providing an e-mail address into the scanning service a user grants Experian to, “track and collect certain consumer information specific to,” the user.
dark web
By using the “Free Dark Web Email Scan” a user will receive advertisements for Experian products at the e-mail address that is being scanned. The user agreement includes a clause which states that not only will Experian send you advertisements, but “offers for available credit cards, loan options, financial products or services, or credit-related products or services and other offers to customers.”
Experian collects and tracks various data for the users, including credit scores, loan and credit card payments, interest rates.
“I clicked on Experian’s terms of service and found a densely written, nearly 17,600-word document — a contract the length of a novella.
Not surprisingly, this is where you’ll find an arbitration clause preventing you from suing the company — an increasingly common aspect of consumer contracts nowadays. That’s the least of your worries, though.” reported a post published by the Los Angeles Times.
“The terms reveal that Experian “receives compensation for the marketing of credit opportunities or other products or services available through third parties,” which is exactly what it sounds like. You’re giving permission for the company to sell you out.
And if you make it to the very bottom of the contract — no small feat, I assure you — you’ll find this little cow chip: Even if you cancel any Experian service, your acceptance of the arbitration clause “shall survive.”
Disturbing! What do you think about?
Without going into the details of the implementation of the Experian scanning service, it is indisputable the company is using scare tactics to get new customers for its service.

Source : securityaffairs

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