sâmbătă, 3 februarie 2018

Blockchain scamming and more…

I know … I know I’m very lucky.
I was just informed that someone made a payment on my bitcoin address.

…or just a phishing email?!?

Was a Japonese puzzle games website.

Today I do not have much time, but I’ll explain briefly.
An email with mistakes and a photo with hyperlink.

Involted domains:
  • ainea.pro INFO
  • aiin.info INFO     Japonese puzzle games. Redirected to .net
  • aiin.net INFO
  • blockchain.dk INFO
  • bliockche.info INFO
  • ainea.pro/2891/…..
  • bliockche.info/2183/…
  • blockch.aiin.info/wallet/#/login

I sent him an email reply and I hope he will answer me

 … and a .doc file with some info about ”me”.

We’re waiting to see if he’ll open the document. We will know if he did it because it is not a simple word document.
… you understand what I mean!

That’s all for the moment.
If we have results … I will inform you!
Have fun & Stay safe!!!


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