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2x Bitcoin scam – The magic application.

People still want to believe that the money are made easy with some application and without doing anything.
Click a button and you get money.
This weakness is exploited every day.
Here is a program that promises to double the profit by pressing that magic button.

To become credible, a demonstration video is a good way.
To become super credible, you make some false accounts and comment on your post.
This is a part of social engineering and works.

At one point, he changed his name, seeing he had potential victims in many countries.

Let’s see the application.
MD5: 19d6d6f312ec00998d379eec9fe21aa9
SHA-1: a5d27b1cf43cb5dcd7feeea279b70588c5910e12
*the -1 is mine! lol
It has a certain detection but insignificant.
The application does not steal, has no backdoor …

It is created by:
…looks like it’s his real name..
(his first name in the account is another … it seems to start with an M.)
As the application configuration looks like, it seems that the users who use it,are sending the bitcoin to an address added by the programmer.

After sending, they still expect someone to send them the double amount, but they will wait a lot and without success.
And let’s not forget … this is version 6.1!?!
We could continue because he still has some programs with such schemes, but time is limited!
In conclusion … I hope that Internet users will be more careful, do not believe in the wonders promised by the unknown!

When something is free, you are not the customer but the product!

Have fun & Stay safe!!!


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