joi, 13 septembrie 2012

Help Us To Set Up Our Lab To Provide Internet Security Education

About Us

We manage, since 3rd of August 2011, a community called Professional Defence. It's a community which informs people about risks while surfing on the internet. We've got a lot of topics there to discuss with parents how to protect their children, how the world can protect their computers/websites/servers/smartphones, how to detect many frauds from scammers online and avoid them, and many other things to discuss based on security because the truth is that many people don't know to protect themselves.
So, now we want to expand all this effort to something bigger. We've already started designing and coding some projects but we need your help to finish them. We want to raise some money to setup a lab to work easier and faster, because now we work each one in his home, separated. And we want to build this lab to stick together as a team and work with no interruptions, no nothing!
What we want this lab for, actually? Our projects include many pc and web services, such as our advanced website security system which prevents many attacks from hackers, but it's not released yet because we are waiting to build this lab first and get ready to support all our upcoming projects in the future.

What We Need & What You Get

The following list explains how we are going to spend all the money we'll raise:
  • Rent a place to work.
  • Required furniture.
  • More powerful computers to get the job done.
  • Printers/Fax Machines.
  • Internet Connection/Telephony.
  • Advertisement.
About the perks:
  • 500$: We will post the names of these contributors to a special article in our website, as soon as we open our services website.
  • 1000$: Three lucky will have the chance to get a service of their choice and receive one year support for it.
  • 2000$: One lucky will have the chance to order from us a website development choosing the platform, content, design and as a gift 2 years license of our website security system.
About the funds:
If we don't raise all the money, as the goal is, then we are going to use them to finish our projects, provide and support them and when the time comes and we've got the money we need, finally we are going to set up this lab we've always wanted.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can spread to the world the message that we need help to help them too and don't forget to share our campaign using the Indiegogo share tools! Even this help is very useful for us!
Thank you all!

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