luni, 30 aprilie 2012

Filipino Hackers Ignore Rulers, 14 Chinese Government Sites Defaced

Filipino officials urged the local Anonymous community to put an end to the cyberbattle with China, but their message fell on death ears as the hackers breached and defaced a number of 14 websites managed by the Chinese government.

“You may continue bullying our country’s waters but we will not tolerate you from intimidating our own cyber shores. Those defacements are just a mere response to what you have initially started. We are not trying to start anything. We are just trying to tell you that we do not want to be bullied in our own cyberspace too,” the hackers wrote.

According to NewsBytes, the reasons for which the breaches part of OpChinaDown were performed are still the same: supremacy over Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal.

Again, the rulers of the country are displeased with the actions of Anonymous Philippines, a spokesperson of the government publicly stating the disapproval for such operations, Ground Report informs.

“Vigilantism, however mushy, ultranationalist, or, sympathetic can only increase tensions. .It is understandble there is anger over the situation at Bajo de Masinloc, But we must be united and not do unilateral acts which only inflames tensions,” he explained.

At press time, all the affected Chinese government sites were taken offline, so we could not determine which ministries or departments had been defaced. However, most likely the targets were chosen randomly.

It seems that Anonymous benefits from the support of Pinoy citizens. A blogger who was among the first to report the attacks encouraged the hackers, who are fed up with being bullied around over the controversial regions.

At this point, we lost count of all the websites that were breached on both sides and unfortunately, the situation seems to escalate, despite the many warnings of the Philippines government.

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