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Malware analysis and investigation services

Alexandru Anghelus – Malware analyst & investigator

Security of your personal data is very important.
Also sensitive Company data is extremely important.
If you’ve got a file and it looks suspicious, do not open it.
The .zip, .exe, .rtf, .doc, .htm, .rar … etc files can be infected and personal data may become public or can be used against you.
With my analysis services you can remove that insecurity!
Analyzing a file can take a few minutes or even hours.
Investigating the ones found and drawing up the report may take longer, depending on the infected file.
Tracking the hacker may be impossible or may take several days.
Chances of success in discovering the infected file are 99%.
Full report services can help identify the reason, the target and whether it is a direct or random attack.
At the following address you can find some of my work in the field.

I am malware analyst and investigator.
With my skills everyone can have a clear vision about some suspicios files or emails that they have on pc.
I am the founder of Professional Defence Community, a 7 years cybersecurity website.
Web Pentesting.
Malware analysis.
Malware investigator.

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email: info@prodefence[.]org

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