miercuri, 27 septembrie 2017

New bitcoin transaction scam!

Payments made by mistake on your account are already known as scams.
In this case I received an email saying that someone sent me bitcoins to my address and should check my account.

0.54798743 BTC = 1.830 EUR ... well... I do not think it bothers such a mistake..

Let's star: 
1.What does transmitel.com have to do with bitcoin transactions?
Transmite.com- Security systems - Barcelona Owned by TRANSMITEL S.L. 

2.Email was sent to 6 addresses, so 6 wrong transactions?

All the hyperlinks have a hidden secret.
See it? Blockchain.com has become Blockchlain.info!
So.. when you will try to go on blockchain page for login.... you will do it on a diffrent page.
Do not worry, the website is already closed!

The consequences are understandable.
If you log in, someone will be in possession of your data and possibly your account.

Have fun & Stay safe!

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