miercuri, 15 august 2012

Young Cybercrime Expert Details Online War Between Pakistan and India

In the past few years, not a week went by without a website being hacked as part of the ongoing online conflict between Indian and Pakistani hackers. Ashish Saini, a young researcher who has been actively involved in helping Indian police investigate cyber incidents, has provided Softpedia with some interesting insight.

“The cyberwar between the two countries started in May 1998, when India conducted its nuclear tests. Soon after India officially announced the tests, a group of Pakistan-based hackers called ‘milw0rm’ broke into the Bhabha Atomic Research Center website and posted anti-India and anti-nuclear messages,” Saini explains.

“The cyberwars usually have been limited to defacements of each other's sites. Defacement causes a low level damage, in which only the home page of a site is replaced with the hacker's own page, usually with some message for the victim.”


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